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Custom Programs for organisations and institutions

Our custom programs are designed to address your most critical challenges. Some of the benefits of custom programs in comparison with open enrolment programs are:


  • They are designed to meet your specific requirements

  • The entire team that goes through the program builds capability and adopts a new way of thinking, behaving and working.

  • Classroom/tech-enabled learning can be supported with coaching/on-job projects and follow up.

  • They help accelerate specific organisational goals.

  • Program methodology, duration and dates are suited to your needs.

Standardised Programs

Our standardised programs help organisations build capability and invest in high potential talent and business leaders. These programs also cater to individuals who believe in taking charge of their learning and upgrading their competencies. They could be business leaders, entrepreneurs or professionals leading practices in law, finance, business consulting etc.

These programs provide participants with excellent opportunity to network and build strong connects with leaders across industries, sectors & functions. 

Some of our standardised programs are:

Coaching Certification
Neuroscience for Leadership
Using Neuroscience in HR
The Mentoring Program

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