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Using Neuroscience in HR


This program explores the latest research from the brain sciences in demonstrating the ways in which HR professionals can bring the most recent findings of the new science of human behaviour into 21 st century organisational performance.


It shows how profit and all organisational outcomes are the result of the way human energy has been applied in the complex systems of any organization; how that energy can be released or blocked; and how the major differences that exist between individuals can be harnessed to the advantage of company performance.

Who should attend this program?

HR professionals who know that HR doesn’t have quite the right answers for sustainability: that many line managers secretly distrust HR: and that the best HR is central to the organisation’s success.

Why should you attend this program?

Because it brings the best of modern behavioural sciences to India in the belief that there is a great deal of very productive energy waiting to be released in organizations if HR professionals know how to do that well.

The benefits of using neuroscience for HR

Personally: because it is cutting edge knowledge.

Professionally: because it has the power to take your organization to higher levels – and you with it.


Organizationally: because if you want your organization to be the best it can possibly be then being at the forefront of organisational development will help you achieve that goal.

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