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The Mentoring Program




Program Highlights

The Mentoring Program has been designed for organisations that do not wish to manage a formal and structured mentoring process internally but would like to benefit from this approach towards developing people.

  • Organisations can sponsor both mentors and mentees into this unique program to develop and engage their young talent as well as their senior leaders.

  • Our “smart matching” process will ensure that the mentees meet their match! The process takes into account industry, experience, leadership style and personal goals for the matching.

  • Dedicated Program Manager who tracks progress towards goals, takes periodic feedback, does a process audit and is available to the mentors and mentees to handhold, guide and support.

Who should participate in The Mentoring Program?

Mentors: Senior Business & HR leaders with minimum 15 years of experience.

Mentees: Mid-level managers.

Why should you sponsor mentors for this program?

The merits of mentoring to those being mentored have been well documented. Research done in recent years also show that the mentors gain as much, if not more, from serving as a mentor.

Apart from the learnings from the mentoring process itself, regular inputs are provided to mentors on developing people. The development inputs are based on applying principles of Neuroscience for cognitive development.

Benefits of The Mentoring Program

What's in it for mentors

Provide leaders in your organisation the opportunity to be a mentor and in the process, help them enhance their skills to develop talent, practice a more personal style of leadership and build their legacy by developing the next generation of leaders.

What's in it for mentees

Engage your managers by providing them with a trusted advisor to help them on their development journey. Enrol them in The Mentoring Program so that they can benefit from insights and experience of a senior leader. To support them in their mentoring journey, mentees are provided with inputs on getting the best out of the program.

Contact us, to participate in the program.

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